Hindsight is 2020.

That saying hits a little different now in 2021 though, am I right? ;)

I feel crazy for saying this, but let’s rewind and start from the beginning: Kansas.

You know.. flat, Dorothy, BBQ, corn fields? There’s not a lot to do and even less to see. Growing up there, I had to get creative. Things changed when I got my first Jeep - a red, two door Wrangler. I could go anywhere I wanted. I would take the roof off, even when it was going to rain.

I found myself just driving. No real plan in mind except to find something or somewhere new. Music up, windows down, and a back road was all I really needed. And that still holds true today.

Freshman year I talked my parents into buying a Canon Rebel. It was the first DSLR camera I was really able to get my hands on outside of my high school classes. I started taking it everywhere with me. Photography became one of the first things I considered myself good at and also enjoyed doing. More specifically, I loved figuring out different ways to document and view the world. While in Undergrad, I explored both pre-med and global business. I graduated early in 2013 with a Global and International Studies degree and some international travel under my belt. I started a career in business, which quickly led me back to my passions in creativity.

This time I leaned into it. I went to Art School and took a job managing a large team of photographers across the nation. It was the first time I remember feeling so fulfilled. Fast forward to getting a second college degree, starting a freelance Photography and Design career, accepting a role as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and ultimately being promoted to Senior Art Director. By blending my Photography and Design backgrounds I was able to really bring Nomadic Focus to life.

I come to every new project prepared whether it be a destination elopement or a product launch. I have formal training, years of experience, and bring a vision to every shoot. I’m fortunate in the fact that I’ve built a career around photography and the outdoors, two things I love, and have now built a website to share this journey.

So, press play on today..

and welcome to