One thing I learned over the years as a one man team, is that it’s unrealistic for me to try and post about each project I work on. Between shooting, editing and client communication, I already fill more hours than a standard 40 hour work week. However, not all of my projects make it onto my website, and there is so much that I would love to share.

The first project is Rock Bottom Brewery. Who doesn't love food and beer, am I right? I was fortunate enough to lead the repositioning of their brand personality. I worked closely with their in-house marketing team for just over a year helping bring Rock Bottom back to the top of their social game.

Below are a few examples of their visuals before the digital rebrand:

Their previous content wasn't a bad start. Unlike most restaurants, their photos looked professional and had a clear focus. There was just one thing missing: Personality.

Breweries are known for their atmospheres and Rock Bottom hadn't even tapped into that.

See what I did there? ;)

We immediately established a voice and identity that fostered all the shenanigans a taproom has to offer. Despite the phenomenal kitchen and cuisine we decided that shifting the focus a tad from the restaurant side of things would give Rock Bottom a personality people desired to engage with. The new visuals introduced motion content to the feed and a new demographic to the Rock Bottom’s audience.

A solid mix of Brewery focused shots, food, atmosphere and outrageousness was all we needed.